What colour benchtop works best with white cabinets?

White is a very popular choice for many people when it comes to kitchen cabinets and drawers. After all, the colour white is crisp and gleaming and also helps to enlarge the appearance of space. Plus it helps to reflect any available light and give the whole kitchen area that feeling of brightness. But what about the benchtop?

What goes with white?

You might think every colour goes with white, and to some extent, you are right. But the more important question we ask our clients is what overall look and feel do you want to achieve? And what’s important to you in your kitchen? Is it all about functionality and having heat and scratch-resistant surfaces? Or is it important to be eco-friendly and sustainable? Or are you more about the textural elements and the style of the kitchen?

Boil it all down

So what this all boils down to is three key considerations when working out what colour benchtop goes best with white cabinets:

  • What’s your overall design theme?
  • What’s your colour theme in the rest of the home (do you want to complement or contrast with that)?
  • What are your budgetary constraints?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you narrow down your benchtop colour options.

Inspiration’s here!

For example, if your overall theme is a country look and you’ve got warm tones throughout the rest of the home that you want to carry through to the kitchen, then you might want to consider a wood benchtop. We source American Oak benchtops locally from Loburn and typically suggest a thickness of <XX> mm to give that rustic look.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting a sophisticated and elegant feel to your kitchen, you might want to contrast the white with a stately grey-black granite benchtop. The natural stone characteristics mean your kitchen will glisten and gleam and it makes for an incredibly hard-wearing surface.

The world is your oyster

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